M001 - chapter 3 IDE

This is from the Chapter 3 examples using mongo shell - update portion of the examples #9 line #42 of the Chapter 3 examples information. What is syntactically incorrect with this statement to push a value set to the scores array for student_id 250 of class_id 339?

db.grades.updateOne({“student_id”:250,“class_id”:339} {"$push":{“scores”:{“type”:“Final Exam”,“score”:88}}})
2021-02-03T20:49:57.491+0000 E QUERY [js] SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list @(shell):1:54

It looks like you did not copy correctly the example. You are missing the comma between the first closing braces (after 339) and the second opening brace (before "$push").

Thanks for the reply and very helpful information - thanks for catching the missing comma!