Lost data: Chapter 2: Your Chapter 2 IDE space

Hello, I could not finish the Data Explorer Quiz part in the IDE because I could not find the data of the person with birth year 1961 who took a trip that started at “Howard St & Centre St” from the sample_training.trips collection from both the IDE and Atlas.

I was able to retrieve the specific data and correctly answer the Chapter 2 Quiz: Data Explorer before this. However, after I launched the IDE and connected to my cluster, I could not find the specific data anywhere, even after I deleted and reloaded the project and the sample data multiple times. Moreover, I believe that I do not have the knowledge to modify the data yet. May I know how I can fix this problem? Thank you.

Attached below is an image of my search in MongoDB Atlas.

So try this:

{"start station name": "Howard St & Centre St", "birth year": 1961}

Notice the use of start instead of end. :slight_smile:

Oh my, thank you very much! I was troubleshooting and making the same mistake for half of the day. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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