Lost access to the course

Folks, do we loose access to the course if we have not met the deadline for any chapter ?.. what’s the next step ,…do we have to reregister again for the course?

Hi Murali_47994,

You never loose access to the course. What happens when you miss the deadline is you won’t be able to submit the answers for graded Labs.

Rest all the lectures you will be able to access.

Visit the Syllabus section of the course.


You will lose access to the course content only if the course content is changed on a large scale.
I completed the old courses offered by the university M101J and M101JS, but the content is not available now as the content has changed.

Hi Murali, courses are very well designed and doesnot take much time to complete, I would say complete and stay on track :slight_smile: unless its absolutely not possible to complete due to some reason.

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