Long delay before receiving realm notification when adding object to collection

We are busy testing migration to MongoDB Realm and are seeing quite significant delays or 2 -3 seconds before receiving notifications when adding objects to a realm collection from our RealmSwift application.

The application has a list of items showing and when the user clicks a “+” button a new item is added to the realm and the list is updated to show the new item.

Currently we are observing the Results from the realm query and when we get the update notification we update the list.

Why are we seeing a 2 - 3 second delay when adding items if the realm is a Synced realm ? Is there any way to improve the performance to ensure the user sees that a new item is added immediately ?

It doesn’t seem to matter if the new items are created on a background thread or simply created on the main thread.

Is this a change in behaviour from the Realm Cloud ?

Is there a recommended way to do such updates that will ensure the changes get seen in the local app immediately?


X-POST Slow notification when adding object to synced Realm (MongoDB Realm SDK V10.x) · Issue #7357 · realm/realm-cocoa · GitHub

@Duncan_Groenewald Can you please post in only one place please? We have limited resources

Sure - sorry. I thought it was a sync issue and then realised it probably wasn’t.