LogPath not setup

I can not run executions using any logpath. I am told the file “failed to open”. Was i supposed to setup a logpath? i cant find directions to do so

Which lab are trying to do?

lab - configuration file
/data/log/mongod.log is the path i am trying to use

Hi Aaron_30116,

You need to create this directory. And the user running mongod should have access to that directory.
Normally I would use the same as my db directory.


dbPath is /data/db

so, my logPath would be /data/db/mongod.log

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Is the file exists? Please provide the output of

ls -l /data/log/mongod.log

how do i create the directory?

The file does not exist, at this point.

I would suggest a nice Linux-101 course from the likes of LinuxAcademy. That’s always useful!

how do i create the directory?

That would be the mkdir command. In this case mkdir -p /data/log/.

Mind you, you will probably run into access permission problems somewhere in the next week(s), so be prepared to quickly bone up on Linux basics.

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