Login screen on VM

I am having trouble with Virtual Box. When I bring the VM up, it shows M312 is running. When I double click M312, it brings up a cmd like window for log in. What is our login name, is it email address or alias and password is the same as mongo university? I also tried m312/m312 which did not work either

Can someone also tell me how to turn off the mouse/pointer capture ? I have tried several times based on what the screen says, it got stuck and my mouse pointer just completely disappeared. The only way i can get out of there is to Ctrl+ALT+Shift and cancel. Any tricks?. Thanks

@ mongo_rocks

To log into your Vagrant machine, go to the directory that you have started the VM in – that’s where your Vagrantfile and provisioning script are – and use the command

 vagrant ssh

This will log you into the VM without a userid/password and as a sudoer. However, if for some reason you want to use the userid/password to log into the VM, it’s vagrant/vagrant Hope that helps.