Login Fails on Simulator

I have an app that uses App Services Authentication service, and Sign In with Apple.

When testing on my device, it logs in as expected. When I try to login with the Simulator, login fails with a JSON parsing error. Stepping trough the code, I found that the response body in realm-core/src/realm/object-store/sync/app.cpp:607 prints as a HTML page when logging in trough the Simulator.

(lldb) po response.body
"<!DOCTYPE html>\n<html>\n  <head>\n      <title>App Services</title>\n....

On my device, response.body is a JSON object as expected.

What’s going on with this? It reproduces every time after re-install, product clean, depenency updates, and using emailPassword auth.

Not receving any support on this troubles me! Is Realm/Atlas auth on the Xcode/iOS Simulator just not supported at all? I’d like some clarification on this, as being able to debug on a simulator is important to me!

Are you stating the issue occurs with both?

Did you try deleting the CoreSimulator directory so a new one is generated?

Also, can you share your authentication code, and what version of Realm are you using (if you use a podfile, that may be helpful as well)

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