Login email/password user while confirmation is pending

Im am using the email/password authentication. After creating a new user his status is pending until he has confirmed his email address with a valid token and tokenId. A pending user is not allowed to login (Error: {“code”: 47, “message”: “confirmation required”}). Is it possible to change this behavior?
I would like to allow the pending users to log in.
(I do not want to automatically confirm users. I would like to keep the pending status including the email confirmation process in order to see if a user has already confirmed his email address or not.)
Many thanks in advance!

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@Christian_Zalesky Yes under Auth>Username/Password - you can select the option to “Automatically Confirm Users”

Thank you for your quick response Ian. Unfortunately that is not what I am looking for. If “Automatically Confirm Users” is selected, no confirmation email will be send. There is also no more pending status. As I mentioned before I would like to keep the pending status and the confirmation email.

Hi @Christian_Zalesky, did you find any solutions?

The “Automatically Confirm Users” still isn’t working.