Logical Operators Quiz ERROR

Hi, somebody has deleted 2 documents from the ships.shipwrecks collection as for this quiz as the count from db gets 2329 and the correct answer option in the quiz is 2331. Please help making corrections.

Hi @proyectosjpbg,

The answer for the quiz is the same I got from the database. Please check your query again and make sure you are connecting to the class cluster and not the sandbox one.

If you are still unsure, let me know, I will help with the query.


Hi @Kanika thanks for the answer.
The confusion was because based on schema visualization in Compass I can saw only the string data type so mi filter was like {$or: [{watlev: “always dry”},{depth: “0”}]} pleas note the value for depth is surrounded with quotes and the statemen ask for the number filter.