Logging to a Different Facility

Having trouble with Lab: Logging to a Different Facility. I have read another post but this didn’t help. Kept refereing to logpath but there is not an option for logpath under processManagement for config file. Is the logpath to be used in the terminal as:
mongod -f mongod.conf --logpath /var/mongodb/logs/mongod.log

I did try that as well as the usual:
mongod -f mongod.conf

Having trouble understanding what is wrong.

Here is a screenshot:
Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 3.00.55 PM

Thank you,

Ok i figured out.

I assumed it wasn’t working because had many errors earlier. Since it was running forked, it wasn’t showing the output that normally showed because it was running in the background. I assume that is what ‘child process started successfully, parent exiting’ means.

I assume that child process means the fork in the background and the parent is the IDE terminal.

mongo in a new terminal and code pasted and entered worked.

Hi @Michael_Douglas,

I’m glad your issue got resolved. Please feel free to create a new thread if you face any other issue.