Log file exists

Hi, I know this chapter is far past due, I am trying to prepare for next month’s course. When I attempt to run mongo with my config file, i receive this:14%20AM

here is my config file, also:
dbPath: /data/db
path: /data/log/mongod.log
destination: file
replSetName: M103
port: 27000
bindIp : “,localhost”
mode: requireSSL
PEMKeyFile: /etc/ssl/ssl.pem
CAFile: /etc/ssl/SSLCA.pem
keyFile: /data/keyfile
authorization: enabled

Any help is appreciated!

You can ignore that message
It is saying earlier logfile exists with same name and has been moved/renamed
Just tail your logfile and make sure your mongod is up and waiting for connections

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Thank you for helping. what do you mean by tail my logfile? it does not wait for connections after the message; just skips to the next command line.

tail is a command used in unix to view last few lines of a file
In windows you may have to use a different command may be type
What i meant is in logfile you will see “waiting for connection” message which means mongod is ready to accept connections

Just open another session and connect to mongo
mongo --port port_number userid/pwd as instructed in your class lectures