Log file exists, mongod -f /data/mongod.conf doesn't pass test

I created the mongod.conf file inside /data/ and I then run “mongod -f /data/mongod.conf” which gives the response “2019-08-26T02:01:01.755+0000 I CONTROL [main] log file “/data/logs/mongod.log” exists; moved to “/data/logs/mongod.log.2019-08-26T02-01-01”.”

I read on another post about this that the message about log file already existing can be ignored, but when I run the test “validate_lab_configuration_file” in another terminal window after connecting with “vagrant ssh” I still get “You need to start mongod with a configuration file.”

My /data/mongod.conf file looks like this (missing indentation due to formatting of this post, in the actual file it has indentation):

dbPath: “/data/db”
path: “/data/logs/mongod.log”
destination: “file”
bindIp: “,”
port: 27000
authorization: enabled

Hey @Thomas_J_Foydel_52714

I am not sure but maybe this could help.

After adding “logAppend: true” to the “systemLog” section of my mongod.conf and mongod.yaml (I’ve been trying both) I no longer get the “2019-08-26T02:01:01.755+0000 I CONTROL [main] log file “/data/logs/mongod.log” exists; moved to “/data/logs/mongod.log.2019-08-26T02-01-01”.” when I run “mongod -f /data/mongod.conf” or “mongod -f /data/mongod.yaml”.
But when I run the configuration test, I still get “You need to start mongod with a configuration file.”

Hi @Thomas_J_Foydel_52714,

Please check the following points and try to rerun the command:

  • Please ensure that you have privileges to write into the --dbpath directory
  • Make sure no other mongod running on same port(if any running from previous lab)
  • Please check the log file for more details on the error and also try giving the same directory path for log file as the “–dbpath”

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Iam not able to find mongod.log file in /data/log/

What is the path in your config file? And is mongod running?

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my config file path is /data/mongod.conf
yes mongod is running

Look inside your config file and show us a screenshot of the file path for the log file.

Hi @SUJANA_42894 can you see the difference?

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Hi @SUJANA_42894,

As I can see you have completed this Lab so I am going to close this thread. If you have any other issue then please feel free to create another thread.

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