Local Realm feeding an array for input into SwIftUI Picker

I want to read my Realm Objects, concatenate the three properties in order to load each calculated String element and load the results as a single element in an array to be used in a SwIftUI Picker. I can feed a hardcoded array with string (year-yearType-yearComment) but cannot get realm results to load into array. I am not updating the array just selecting values to save in a different string realm db property. I am working with local realms and no sync or update of the source from this view.

It’s always helpful to us if code in included in the question that shows what’s being attempted. Describing the issue helps the actual issue is unclear. What’s preventing the realm results from being added to the array? What’s in the array? Do you have separate Swift objects that contain the concatenated realm data or is it just a string?

Please update the question with code and clarification and we’ll take a look.