Local Realm - Data chunk/splitting

We are about to integrate Realm into our React-Native app. Atm we use Redux and its getting pretty huge. We use redux-persist to keep it offline but we are now gonna face the issue for syning thousands of tasks…

But we are afraid of running into the MB limit using Realm we i had a few quesitons:
Main questions

  1. How can we split data? I read stuff about partitions but we are not using sync. How can we generate mulitple “storage” chunks. So we can have like 3 different if needed (16 mb is a lot for JSON but still)
  2. We are using 100% functional components (0 classes) so we already integraed realm to be a ref and usable using context. But we are still deciding about the schema way. Using classes or just a object. And the documentation says to use class Car { but the api docs say its recommanded to extend the Realm.object one. And we would like to use classes because we can use constructor and setters/getters.
    What do you guys recommand.
  3. Final quesiton, we looked as sqlite, watermelondb and the old mongodb react native library. Do you guys thinks this is a good way to keep our data offline instead of redux persist (async storage). So using realm to keep all data offline, and we are then gonna use for example a flat list with data from realm with a onEndReached to load next page. (for example)

I would love to hear back!

Any update on this @realm?

The question may be a bit vague as is.

Telling us it’s pretty huge doesn’t really have meaning without more context. We have realms that are of gigabytes and work flawlessly (that would be thousands and thousands of tasks). Can you clarify what huge means?

It is, but that’s 16Mb per data or string property. It’s best not to store Blobs in realm (generally speaking) as there are better options. But as you mentioned that a large JSON property - are your current properties pushing that 16Mb limit?

That depends on how your data is structured. We would need to understand what your data looks like - relationships etc and that may go beyond what we can cover here in the forums, but if you can provide a small specific example, we can take a look.

Anything we want to persist is a Realm Object Class (Swift)

class MyCarClass: Object {

Can you elaborate a bit on why you’re not using classes already? Are you trying to isolate your objects from the data source?

Lastly - another question;

this sounds like an offline app. What’s the need (or thought) to take it online - that would increase the costs due to using async online storage?