Local mongo installatino - problem with restoring example db for mflix

I decided to work with local installation of mongo.
So I downloaded file from https://atlas-education-staging.s3.amazonaws.com/sampledata.archive.gz
(link is there in lesson 0 on atlas setup).
When trying to restore it:
mongorestore --gzip --archive=sampledata.archive.gz

I am getting this error:

Failed: sample_mflix.users: error creating indexes for sample_mflix.users: createIndex error: Error in specification { unique: true, name: “email_1”, ns: “sample_mflix.users”, key: { email: { $numberDouble: “1.0” } } } :: caused by :: Values in v:2 index key pattern cannot be of type object. Only numbers > 0, numbers < 0, and strings are allowed.

My version of mongo is 5.0.3.
Please help.


May be compatibility issues
Did you try with latest mongorestore from mongo tools?
What is your local mongd & mong version
mongod --version
mongo --version