Hi, I am not able to load the data set on Mac. Here is the error I get -bash: cd: loadMovieDetailDataset.js: No such file or directory

$ cd loadMovieDetailDataset.js/

-bash: cd: loadMovieDetailDataset.js/: No such file or directory


This is normal, this is a file not a directory. The command cd is to be used for a directory. I am sure the course material indicates how to use the file. I would be very surprise that they ask to run the command cd loadMovieDetailDataset.js. It probably looks more like load( ā€œloadMovieDetailDataset.jsā€ ). You should go back to the lecture notes and follow the instructions.

ok, I loaded it but I have under videos movies and not moviesDetails and I have more that 1000 comedy movies

Hi @Nevin_Murad_38548,

Please make sure you are connected to your sandbox cluster and not the class atlas cluster if you want to access the video.movieDetails collection.

Hope it helps!

If you still have any query then please feel free to get back to us.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer