Loading js file into the sandbox cluster

I am using windows 10. Loading data into the sandbox cluster has been a pain for me lately. From sandbox-shard-0: Primary> load(“loadMovieDetailsDataset.js”), I get error constantly such as: error loading js file. @(shell):1:1
I don’t know what I am doing wrong?

Those quotes appear to be inverted commas to me
Try to use double quotes from keyboard

Are you saying “loadMovieDetailsDataset.js” ?

Enclose the file with double quotes

I did that, but I still get an error that the file does not exist. The file is right there on my directory: C:\Users\jaqo_000\M001\loadMovieDetailsDataset

Please check this link
File doesnot exist

Are you using Windows or Vagrant?
If it is windows in spite of being in that directory if it is failing means some path issue
Try to give full path of file in load command
Follow gothamgeek’s suggestions in above link