Load xml as a string field


I have an Oracle table which I need to transfer to Mongo and save it as a collection.

I can download the oracle table to a csv file, and use mongoimportto load the csv file.
The problem is that one of the table’s column holds an xml, and mongoimport fails of course to load it.

I realize there is no xml type in Mongo, but the xml can be saved as a string field in Mongo.

For example, this shoudl be saved into a field:

How can this be done?


Managed to change the origonal xml data in the oracle column to add another " for each ". That way mongoimport is working.

For example:
“\n\n<Talkgroup ConsoleTGMGCapabilityProfileAlias=”“G-ConTGCAP1"” GroupEnable="“Y”" PreemptCapable="“Y”" SecurityGroup="“G-SG1"” TGMGCapabilityProfileAlias="“G-TGCapProf4"” TGMGValidSitesProfileAlias="“G-National”" TalkgroupAlias="“Trg Mcycl 2"” TalkgroupID="“101587"” TalkgroupRegroupable="“Y”"/>\n\n"


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