Live migration doesn't work - non informative error

I’m trying to live-migrate test env (4.0.8, wiredtiger, single member replica set) before migrating production env.
Have completed all checlist prerequisites - creates a user with needed roles, ensured cluster is replica set (single member), whitelisted atlas servers.
The validation prior to starting migration succeeds, but after I hit the migration button it spends some time in “initializing migration” and then shows a popup with an error that tells me nothing.

Just to precede questions:
I’ve checked and the migration source env is accessible from mongo-atlas client on my local machine with the user I’ve created and its able to access all db’s and read collections. As mentioned atlas servers are whitelisted and indeed the validation passes, which means it’s accessible.

validation succeeds:

Hi @Alexander_Ostrikov

You should open a support ticket. I found their support team very helpful when doing a migration to Atlas.

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Can u provide a link.
When i tried on chat support that suggested to choose another plan

If that is the case I would consider that inadequate from basic support they should be interested in what appears to be failure of their migration tool on their flagship product. Particularly if your validation passes as that should be performing all the checks necessary to begin a migration.

I would recommend trying again when live chat reopens. Or activate the Developer Support plan on free trial.

Alternatively you could try using It involves more effort on your behalf but it might get you unblocked.

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