List all admin-level config items BEFORE starting the class

I don’t have admin rights to my work machine. In order to install MongoDB and Compass, I had to put in a ticket. Then, once I got the course info for Lesson 1, I learned about the use of port 27017 in Compass, so I had to open another ticket to try and get it opened up. That was no possible, so now I have to take the course at home and off my VPN. Now, as I’m viewing Lesson 2, I learn that we need to edit our path, which I also don’t have permissions to do. So now I have to stop viewing the lesson and open another ticket, which won’t be resolved until sometime tomorrow, which means I lose another weeknight to viewing training classes at home.

It would be REALLY useful if you listed all these admin-level items before the course starts, so that people can get their help desks to assist all in one ticket, instead of having to put in multiple tickets over a period of several weeks.

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I understand your pain, it can be tricky to work in restricted, managed environments.

However, I also feel apprehensive about students running training systems and VMs on what amounts to production hardware. I would expect companies who manage their IT this strictly to also provide separate training systems.

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Hi Kirstin_95006,

Thanks for the feedback. We will surely do the needful.

Your feedback mean alot to us. If I am not asking more, can you share what steps you did in total for the course to work? I mean IP listing, 27017 port unblocking etc. It would help us to list them in the course.

Again, Sorry for your inconvenience!


Hi Kanika,

This is what I’ve had to do far, I’ll edit as I get further along in the course :slight_smile:

  1. Get MongoDB / Compass installed
  2. Attempt to open up port 27017 - final result was I need to take the course at home, off VPN
  3. Add Mongo to my path in order to use the Mongo shell
  4. When we were creating our Atlas clusters, I was prompted to update my shell to the latest version, luckily I already had the most recent version, so I didn’t have to open another ticket
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Hi Kirstin_95006,

Thank you so much!

One thing, did you get IT team to allow some IP’s that were needed to access our Atlas cluster?


The course instructions were to allow all IPs to access our Atlas clusters, so that wasn’t an issue. Or hasn’t been an issue yet :wink: