Linus OS Exam Support ETA


I am just wondering if there is any known or estimated date as to when there will be Linux OS support for taking the exams?

Your computer must be a Windows PC or Mac (Sorry, no Linux yet!) with a video camera (webcam), a microphone, and speakers

And on that note, if not; I would be curious to know if someone (like myself) who has learned MongoDB solely on Linux, would be at a disadvantage taking the exam on Windows? ie setting up a webcam and mic would be easy; but how much windows os command line/powershell knowledge would one need?

I am very interested in getting my certification to help in my career switch! :slight_smile:

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Hi @natac13,

Not yet! :frowning: We will update once we have some update.

That is a great question! Please email this to They will get back to you shortly.


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For anyone else interested in this same question, my response from was as follows.

The exam is OS agnostic.
You shouldn’t have any issues using a windows machine as the certification exam is all multiple choice / check all that apply questions in a browser.

Thanks for the help @Kanika

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