Limit results in URI?

I am not a database pro. I have a MongoDB that someone else built; I want to connect to a subset of data in a different app.

I have successfully connected to my MongoDB but in the other app it returns 93k records when I only need the most recent 900 rows. The other app charges me for usage so I want to keep the rows returned to the smallest number possible.

Is there a way to point the other app ( to only a subset of my Atlas database? I downloaded the Mongodb Compass app and figured out how to write my filters in the Aggregate section, but the other app only displays a list of my collections that I can connect to (not aggregates).

I don’t code and am generally in over my head, so am only looking for solutions a noob can handle. :slight_smile:

Thank you for any direction you can provide!


Welcome to the MongoDB Community Forums @Julie_Taylor!

Limiting of results is performed via query options when a client application (like Parabola or Compass) makes a request for data from a collection, view, or aggregation pipeline. If you want to sync a subset of your data on Atlas, this would be a feature (or feature request) for Parabola.

If Parabola doesn’t have a feature to filter the data being loaded from MongoDB, one approach you could try is setting up a View for the data you want to request from MongoDB. Views are defined using aggregation pipelines on other collections or views, but from the application perspective they are queryable as a readonly collection.

You can use MongoDB Compass to create, update, duplicate, and drop Views.

I would also ask for advice in the Parabola Community as this sounds like a challenge that other users may have encountered.


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STENNIE YOU ROCK!! I made a view with pipeline. Then went to Parabola and removed the Mongo connection and added it back and miracle of miracles MY SHORTLIST WAS THERE! Thank you for explaining it in a way I could understand. Really appreciate your help! Julie


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