Limit of partition value that can be sync in same time

I want to sync different partition values at same time. Let’s say may partition key is partition and an I have different values. I want to sync public,user,teamA,teamB`,… .
What’s the limit for this?
Is there any limit in Mongo Atlas side that can stop me from syncing partition?
If no, Is there any suggestion from limit in client side that can cause performance issues?

The limit you might hit will be on the number of partitions that a given device has open at any given time – as always, mileage varies, but if you stay at 10 open realms/partitions per app/device then you should be fine.


Can you elaborate a bit? Why 10? Is that a bandwidth concern or just a hard limit coded in Realm?

In the past we’ have 20+ partitions available to sync and Realm didn’t seem to have an issue with that.

There’s no hard-coded limit in Realm, it’s down to the number of file descriptors that various mobile devices allow an app to use (each open Realm uses 6-8). More modern devices allow more, and there are differences between iOS and Android (the lower limits tend to be on iOS).