Let's Play a Game! - MongoDB Scavenger Hunt #2

Let’s play a game!

We’re back with the second in our series of online scavenger hunts from MongoDB. Answer a series of 10 clues by visiting MongoDB resources including our blog, forums, documentation and more and learn about these resources while earning some awesome rewards!

Each participant who completes a single scavenger hunt will earn:

  • A MongoDB sticker pack
  • The “Internet Detective” badge on the MongoDB Community forum

Each Monday we will post a new set of clues giving you the chance to earn additional badges and other rewards.

We will soon be announcing additional rewards for completing multiple scavenger hunts with a special reward for those who complete all our weekly scavenger hunts this spring and summer.

Every scavenger hunt will run from Monday until 5pm US Eastern time on Friday.

Have an idea for a clue or question that should be included? Let us know!

Scavenger Hunt Week Two


Week 2 done! And I have signed up for the MongoDB.live event! Thanks again


Hi there!
Week 2 done :slight_smile:
I unfortunately missed week one, can this be kept open a little bit longer? I am curios what hints you have there, the current have been very interesting! Great job!


I’m here for it! Week two done!


Thanks to everyone who participated this week!

Check back on Monday for the third installment of the MongoDB Online Scavenger Hunt and feel free to share your ideas for future clues with us here.