Let discuss Sustainable Software Engineering, MongoDB GridFS V.S File Server (SAMBA)

Hi all, the agenda of this post is to discuss about how choosing to use MongoDB (existing infrastructure) GridFS features compared to setting up (purchasing) a possible new file server like samba as a file storage system.

Key points we could discuss.
Carbon efficiency.
Network efficiency.

@Ke_Wei_Tan If you’re relying on Samba when you have GridFS you’re wasting resources…

If you’re trying to sell GridFS via MongoDB, going by your points in order:

  • You don’t need to use other services or servers when it’s all self-contained in MongoDBs GridFS. This means there’s a lot less power needing to be used vs making other fileserver like Samba.

  • It connects to all MongoDB infrastructure organically, meaning you don’t need to be concerned about additional SDN or other networking solutions to implement.

  • Access to data and speed of data being already able to store large files etc, this makes it very efficient organically.

  • Authorization and authentication control integrations, as well as at rest encryptions paired with in transit encryptions all come together by default, so there’s a lot less work involved securing data going to and from, and in GridFS.

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