Lessons for both Windows & Mac OS in a single video

Dear good fellows,
You can call me Boamah, from Ghana (GH for short).
I’m training in cybersecurity while trying to kickstart a career in database and this course is being helpful so far.

Back to my topic, Instructor’s use of two Operating systems in a single video lesson, imho, is making the lessons difficult to follow sometimes.

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I wish you good luck.

If dealing with 2 OS in a DB lesson is difficult you will find cybersecurity a real nightmare. It is not even comparable.

Thanks for the well wishes.

Well, still not following? I have no difficulty with instructor’s dealing with 2 OS, however, lumping them together in a single DB lesson tends to distract users of a particular OS, as it were, in some cases the instructor tends to focus more or less on a given OS.

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Which lecture specifically are you referring to?

Lecture: loading data into your sandbox cluster. I really had hard time following that lecture… the instructor would go back and forth to a given OS while trying to make their users follow along.

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Can you please edit your thread and attach it to the relevant course. It’ll make it easier for readers to follow. And I’m guessing you’re referring to M001 Basics?

Hi @Lighthouse_59928,

Thanks for your valuable feedback. Currently we are in the process of revamping this course and we will definitely keep your feedback in mind.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer