Lesson 1.5 minor tweaks for Compass 1.20.5

M001 Chapter 1 - Lesson 1.5 ~time in video 3:28
filter shows {“birth year”: {"$gte": 1985,"$lt": 1990}}
whereas compass version 1.20.5 shows {‘birth year’: {$gte: 1985,$lt: 1990}}

also on Documents tab, video shows APPLY, notes say button changed to FIND, Compass version 1.20.5 shows button as ANALYZE

Thanks for the lessons, they are great!

The lectures are using a much older version of Compass. We’ve been told that they are due to be updated soon.

Can you expand on what you mean by “notes”? Perhaps share a screenshot.

After completing the course I can’t seem to go back and actually run it through? In any case, I was referring to the notes below the video for Lesson 1.5 stating the button change from APPLY to FIND, but I think I goofed on this as when I look back I see FIND is under the Documents tab currently in Compass, perhaps I had Schema tab active and saw ANALYZE…confusion on my part probably. Long story short, disregard the button issue :slight_smile: