Lecture: Setting Up a Replica Set

I was reading the lecture on “Setting Up a Replica Set” and got a little confused about a contradiction in it. First it says that the secondary nodes get data from the primary asynchronously, but later, it uses the term synchronous.
So I want to know if the replication is asynchronous or synchronous. Is it a typo in the lecture?

Below is what the lecture say:

"The secondaries will get the data from the primary through an asynchronous replication mechanism.
Every time an application writes some data to the replica set, that right is handled by the primary node.
And then data gets replicated to the secondary nodes.
Now this replication mechanism is based out of a protocol that manages the way that the secondaries should read data from the primary.
In MongoDB this synchronous replication protocol might have different versions.

The docs say asynchronous.


Hi @Alpha_Ly

I assume that you have your doubt cleared.
If you still have any further question feel free to mention them down here.

Thanks, @Rolf_Vogel for sharing the documentation link and helping out.


It’s clear now. However, maybe it needs to be corrected on the lecture transcript note. I believe it should be asynchronous instead of synchronous. It was just a typo.

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Hi @Alpha_Ly,

Thanks for surfacing this out.
Will look into this and will update the concerned team.

Happy Learning!!


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