Lecture: Server Tools Overview

I’m trying to follow the instructor’s examples on the lecture, but my system tells me:

Error parsing command line: unrecognised option ‘–fork’ when I type
mongod --port 30000 --dbpath ~/first_mongod --logpath ~/first_mongod/mongodb.log --fork

After a search, I learned that Windows doesn’t support the --fork option.
So what can I install on my system for the fork option to work on my Windows system?

Also, when I remove the fork option, I get the below.

But the instructor gets “Child process started successfully, parent exiting”.
What can I do to proceed?

--fork is a Linux command.

From the manual:

The processManagement.fork option is not supported on Windows.

M103 is explained from Linux perspective, probably because most servers run Linux or variations of it.

On windows, just remove --fork. But then there is no daemon, but a process running attached to a terminal. And by closing the terminal (or killing the process) any child process dies (mongod among these).

This means that, afaik (not a windows user), the only way is to start it as a service (a kind of daemon).

Also, check this StackOverflow post.

I removed the --fork option and got the output below
What can I do to follow the example and have an output similar to the instructor’s?

fork is a linux/unix command
It won’t work in Windows

Your mongod has started and it is running in foreground
Just open another command prompt and connect to your instance by
mongo --port 30000

You must be having a default mongod running on your system on port 27017
Just issue mongo.It wil connect you to default mongod

The message you are getting can be ignored.It is saying a logfile with the same name already exists so it renamed it to old and created a new logfile
Check you mongod.log.It should be saying waiting for connections…