Lecture: Configuration File

In video net.bind_ip is the wrong parameter, right now it should be in camel case net.bindIp.

Hi @CrazyRussian,

Thanks for surfacing this.

Can you please share the link of the video that you are referring to ?

~ Shubham

Lecture: The Configuration File @ 2:41

Good eye @CrazyRussian. sslPEMKey and sslCAKey are also wrong because they’re not postfixed with “File”.

Besides the small mistakes in the video, bind_ip, replSet, dbpath, logpath, bind_ip_all is one those cases where the Developers have been very inconsistent in keeping to standard naming conventions between mongod and config file options. If we’re going with the Camel Case convention, it should have been bindIP, replSetName, dbPath, logPath and bindIPAll across mongod and config file options. Feedback for your colleagues @Shubham_Ranjan.

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Great job guys :clap: . I will raise a ticket for this.

Thank you!

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