Learning path courses duration


I’m doing the developers path at mongo university but I can only find the stimated duration of the first course (M001 MongoDB Basics). I would like to know what is the stimated duration of the rest of courses. M103, M121, M220, M201 and M320.

I also have seen in the forum this topic (Course \chapter duration) but it seem more related to the duration of the chapters in a course.

Any other way to know the duration than reporting an issue to the curriculum team?

Thanks in advance!

All courses now have a duration of 2 months each.

Yes, I know this is the limit you have to complete the entire course but I mean the stimated time to complete it. In M001 it says that every chapter can take around 90 minutes to complete, but this info is not in the other courses.

Ah alright, I see what you mean. A timeframe for these courses is quite subjective because it has labs and exams.

I can tell you my estimates if you would like to know.

Yes please!
I’m not looking for an accurate time, just a stimate one… Most of course have that info.

It really is subjective, depends on ability and experience.

M121 and M220 - took 3 courses together and completed in under 3 weeks. I can’t give a weighting of one over the other because I was doing 3 in parallel

M103 and M201 - same as above

M320 - took this one on its own and completed in 5 days

I don’t know if any of that helps!

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Yes, it helps. Would be nice to know how many hours of study you did in those weeks but thanks anyway

If I remember correctly, average of 2 or 3 hours per day with distractions, and it wasn’t a daily affair.

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Each course can be completed in 5-7 days of full time effort (again depends on your productivity, how often you get distracted and past experience). This is based on my personal experience.

Are you referring to the courses in the Developer path or the DBA path?

I am studying the developer path, so 5-7 days to complete each of the course (there are 5 courses in total). I am doing all the labs and exercise by myself in depth.