Learning Activity: Modifying User Passwords problems

Can I ask whats wrong with this one? Having a hard time to figure it out, I tried to use these two:

db.changeUserPassword( “readWriteInventoryUser”, { roles: [ {role: “readWrite”, db: “admin”}], pwd : “6c%dbe&7dc!ee1#d”, mechanisms : [“SCRAM-SHA-1”], } )

db.updateUser( “readWriteInventoryUser”, { roles: [ {role: “readWrite”, db: “admin”}], pwd : “6c%dbe&7dc!ee1#d”, mechanisms : [“SCRAM-SHA-1”], } )

Your quotes are all wrong. Most likely because cut-n-paste from an HTML page that was not encoding them correctly.

Replace all the quotes by double quotes that you enter yourself from the keyboard.

Thanks, I changed it into a simpler command :slightly_smiling_face: