Launching Mongod

Screenshot from 2021-01-02 19-08-37

I don’t understand What I am doing wrong.
Can someone help me or give me the walkthrough from this problem.
please help

I am using “mongod” command in first terminal
on the second terminal m using “mongod --port 27000” and I don’t think its working.
may be I am missing some basics or I don’t know but can someone can help???

mongod is used to start a mongodb instance
mongo is used to connect to a running instance

So if your intent is to connect to mongod use mongo --port port_num

From you snapshot it clearly shows another instance already running/using the /data/db dirpath.Hence the second mongod failed

so how to solve plz help…!!!

When you run mongod without any params it will start mongod on default port 27017 and default dirpath /data/db

So you should not have run mongod
You can stiil connect to the mongod you started by issuing just mongo
It will connect to default mongod running on port 27017 but your requirement is different
So kill the mongod by identifying the PID of mongod you started
kill -9 PID

Then run
mongod --port 27000
Please check what all conditions it has to satisfy like dbpath,port,authentication etc
Hope it helps