Launching a replica set

May I ask to point me in the direction to launch the 3 replica sets.
I have carefully read the chapters and understand the theory behind the 3 nodes, the availability concept, the failover but I see neither where the keyfile is created nor how 3 nodes are created.

I now have Windows 10, downloaded Vagrant and Virtual Box.
If I am late then I will re-register

Thank for your kind attention

The 3-node replica set was created during the first or second week of the M103 training. It’s been an integral part of the training and labs since then.

To Tess Sluitjer:
Thank you to note the creation of the replica set in first or second week of the course.
I will revisite RS creation.


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But I would want nonetheless an indication as to how to create the 3 RS.

Well, to be honest the lecture “Setting up a sharded cluster” provides you with most of the details as well. Because that’s where you build the second replica set. It even includes all exemplary config files.

Hi Tess (Thomas)
I hope you have received my email to xxxxx
I<m very pleased to get your advice on Building 3 Replica sets. That is my difficulty.
I certified in SAS Regression, have certifications with Cognos, Vrio, B.O. and another brillant BI tool called Media that was object-oriented, had a multimastricial DB, used SQL to refresh dimensions on granular data and built objects in cells that were compressed when empty. This reduced the space required.

I am a sales peron and have my firm: D&C Consultants, work in the NYC area and Montreral area.

I would be very pleased if I may have your advice on Vagrant use in the labs. I do know this.

My kind regards
Paul Andre Dupuis
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Please be so kind as to remove my email address from your post Paul. While my identity is not a secret, it’s not appreciated that you post my address here. If people need it, they can find it themselves.

Hi Tess_Sluijter,

Your email has been removed from the previous post by Paul. I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.


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Hi Paulandredupuis,

In the Chapter 2: Lab - Initiate a Replica Set Locally, the steps are clearly mentioned on how to create a keyfile and start a replica set.

Go to your vagrant box. Here is how you create a keyfile:

sudo mkdir -p /var/mongodb/pki
sudo chown vagrant:vagrant -R /var/mongodb
openssl rand -base64 741 > /var/mongodb/pki/m103-keyfile
chmod 600 /var/mongodb/pki/m103-keyfile

You need to start mongod with one configuration file, mentioning details about your nodes which are mentioned in the Lab.

Here is one sample configuration file:

  dbPath: <dbPath>
  bindIp: <IP>
  port: <PORT NUMBER>
  keyFile: <keyFile Path>
  destination: file
  path: <logFile>
  logAppend: true
  fork: true
  slowOpThresholdMs: <number ms>
  replSetName: <replica set name>

You need to start mongod and start your replica set by rs.initiate()

Then you need to add other 2 nodes.
Let me know if there is any issue!


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I am quite sorry to have publicized you email address. It was not intentional, but not at all.
My request was for your help on Mongo M103.

Thank you for indicating to me to return to “setting up a sharded cluster”

Paul A. Dupuis