Dear all, I am fully new to Mongo DB and have started the MongoDB University course. In one of the tasks you should lunach the IDE and connect to the cluster ‘Sandbox’ with the associated connection string:
Use this connection string in your application :

mongosh “mongodb+srv://” --apiVersion 1 --username m001-student


Replace myFirstDatabase with the name of the database that connections will use by default. You will be prompted for the password for the Database User, m001-student . When entering your password, make sure all special characters are URL encoded.

  1. It is not clear which default Database is meant,
  2. I have connected to a sample database in Sandbox but did not pass the test.

I am a student in WBS Coding school and we all have to pass that test but one of us, not even for the instructor, it was clear, to which database you should connect to. Additionally, I followed the steps of creating a cluster as instructed but when connecting to a sample database I was not asked for a password.

I would appreciate every help,
thank you very much in advance,
Ms. Vanessa Stimpel

Whichever DBname you put inplace of myFirstDatabase will be your default DB
You did not specify this is for which course
Assuming m001 it would be sample_training
If you connected successfully to your cluster your test results should pass
Make sure you are connected to your cluster while running test results

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