Lab1 validation issue m121

still im not getting how to validate,can you please suggest me the right path clearly

Same as your other thread, “Downloads” is not a path.

Put the validation file in a structured folder (i.e. not Downloads) and use the path from there.

Your snapshots showing incomplete dir paths
.js is missing in one of the attempt
Did you try to cd to the dir where file is residing then connect to mongo and load the file


… and also enclose the path in quotes as seen in the lab instructions.

More hints: If you click on the Title Bar when you’re in the Downloads folder, you will not get the full path. You can get the full path to the Downloads folder by right-clicking and looking at Properties, however, I am still suggesting that you create a structured course folder in your Documents somewhere, and click on the Title Bar to get the full path.

It’s not a good idea to run/store course materials in the Downloads folder.

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yeah i got you,thankyou