Lab1 chapter 4 lunch mongod using configuration file

hello everyone i’m struggling with the first lab at chapter 4 still dont know how to lunch mongo using configuration file each time i tap the " mongod -f mongod.conf" command i get this message “uncaught exception: SyntaxError: unexpected token: identifier :

thank you for your help in advance

Show us the screenshot how and where you ran the command

Most likely you are running the command while already connected to mongo prompt
Exit and run from os prompt(#,$,C:\ etc)It should work

after shutting down the server here’s the error i got

Did you meant after starting the server?

Run without fork option as suggested.It will throw error on your terminal giving the cause for failure
or check mongod.log.It will have more details
Most likely permission issues or missing dir paths


the problem is solved thank you i had to edit the mongod.config file via reseting the processManagement: fork to false now it’s working

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We are very glad that you were able to resolve your issue.!!
And thank you @Ramachandra_Tummala for your quick response. We appreciate it :clap:

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