Lab - Writes with Failovers (create scenario)

For the lab, instructions indicate “you will connect to the node individually and shut it down”. The course is running over same Vagrant/Virtual Box:
1.- The same server creates 3 socket connections with 3 different mongod.config how to emulate failover.

2.- I used command rs.stepDown() for try to emulate failover on replica3, the output from lab is not the same and I could not bring up the server with config mongod-repl3. how can I bring it up again after apply this command.

Hey @daniel_71573

So rs.stepDown() does not shutdown the mongod process

Instructs the primary of the replica set to become a secondary.

Likely because it was not shtudown. To check the status of the nodes while connected to a mongo shell run rs.staus().

You will have to shutdown one of the nodes. There are a few ways to shut down a process.