Lab: using validate_m320

Has anyone seen an issue where JSONint says the json is valid but when running the same syntax using the validate_m320 gives errors? I am running from windows and placing the json in Notepad.

The file validate_m320 is ELF 64-bit LSB executable. As I know, you cannot run ELF on Windows. You need a VM with Linux for it. Or you could dowload validate_m320.exe.

I am actually running the validate_m320.exe

How are you using the validation exe and what’s the error message exactly? And which lab is this?

This is for the ch3. Lab: Apply the Attribute Pattern and Lab: Apply the Subset Pattern

for Attribute Pattern… I get this error:
(root): room is required
(root): spot is required
(root): Additional property location is not allowed

but JSONLint validates the json correctly.

“_id”: “”,
“title”: “”,
“artist”: “”,
“location”: “”,
“on_display”: “”,
“in_house”: “”,
“events”: [{
“k”: “”,
“v”: “”

You’re comparing two different things.

JSONLint checks for syntax and semantic errors in JSON files.
The course validator on the other hand checks whether you have fulfilled the exact specification as per the requirements in the lab.

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