Lab$unwind Chapter 3: Core Aggregation - Combining Information

I am stuck in this lab I cant do nothing.
i have tryed this but the result is incorrect .

{$match: { languages: “English” }
{_id: 0,
title: 1,
cast: 1,
“imdb.rating”: 1,
“tomatoes.viewer.rating”: 1}
{$unwind: “$cast”
{$group: {
_id: “$cast”,
numFilms: { $sum: 1},
average: { $avg: “$imdb.rating” }}
{$sort: {numFilms: -1}}


Hi @Valdrin_Kraja,

You are missing one of the requirements : average rating (truncated to one decimal)

~ Shubham

I looked at it later, it was enough to give the value in decimal and it was ok. thank you very much

I am stuck in this lab, Whenever I try to upload the results, I am getting “JSON Parse error: Unrecognized token ‘<’”. Not able to proceed further.

Start a new thread for your issue and post a screenshot that shows what you were doing and the issues you are having.