Lab - Shard a Collection Issue with cacheSizeGB: .1


Does anyone have a problem with cacheSizeGB: .1 in m103-repl-2 when validating this lab?

I have configured config files with
dbPath: /var/mongodb/db/4
cacheSizeGB: .1

And started mongod with this values and the validation says:
“Replica set ‘m103-repl-2’ not configured correctly - make sure each node is started with
a wiredTiger cache size of 0.1 GB. Your cluster will crash in the following lab
if you don’t do this!”

Has anyone this problem?

Many thanks

May be memory issues on your system

The cacheSizeGB: .1 section restricts the memory usage of each running mongod. Note that this is not good practice. However, in order to run a sharded cluster inside a virtual machine with only 2GB of memory, certain adjustments must be made.

Please check this

Lab: Shard a Collection [Unable to validate_lab_shard_collection]