Lab Remove and Re-Add a Node vs. Change Hostname

Lab Remove and Re-Add a Node do no ask to remove and replace a node, it asks you to change the hostname to m103. Which I have completed. But, when I go to the see complete answer, it looks to be on Remove and Re-Add a Node lab. Can you please fix this lab’s title and complete answer.

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I believe that the title of this lab suits the purpose just fine. The point of the lab is to get the reader to remove and re-add a node… there are a couple of reasons when you’d perform this operation and changing a host name is just one of those reasons. There’s of course more than one way to skin a cat!

The instructions also specifically states:

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HI 007_JB,

Interestingly, I missed this point and the lab passed.


Yes. The only way it can test it is to look in the log file which is too much effort but it doesn’t do that.
You obviously know the other ways to skin the cat :wink: