Lab Question 1: Comparison Operator



Above are the screenshots of Lab Q1 under chapter 4. While executing the command, it shows 8063 after entering that value into the result page it shows wrong. And saw similar discussion went on based on this query in this forum. Now I have only 2 options, kindly help me to resolve it.

Hi @A.S.B.PRIYA_TF_RCC , it looks like some of your data has gone sideways(population of some documents might got modified while performing other labs), I would recommend you to do one of the below two things:
1.) Drop all the sample databases in your cluster and load the sample data again
2.) Create a new project in your Atlas organization and you can again load fresh sample data on your cluster
And then try again on the refreshed sample data. I hope it helps.
Thanks. Regards.
Sourabh Bagrecha,
Curriculum Services Engineer.

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