Lab: One-to-One Relationship

I do not understand the question.

“Once you’ve identified the ideal design, you can deepen your knowledge by trying to explain why each of the other options is not the preferred design choice.”

Is it asking pick the best option or the worst option?


It’s not part of the lab, so you can ignore that line. It’s for further reading!

As far as I see it is lab 2…
I am more confused now.

Mohammad Amir Manzoor

That is for further investigation after you have completed the lab. Find the best answer.

What happens if an employee moves and gets a new address ? We are not accounting for this if we model a 1-1 relationship

There are other multiple variables that would make this not fit for purpose; like the one you mentioned in your thread re multiple email addresses. This is just a simplistic model and all we’re doing is following the requirements.

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