Lab - $match (two similar queries but result is different)

var pipeline1 = [{$match:{ "imdb.rating": { $gte: 7 }, $nor: [{ "genre": "Crime" }, { "genre": "Horror" }], $or: [{ 'rated':"PG"}, { 'rated': "G" }], $and:[{ 'languages': "English"}, { 'languages': "Japanese" }] }}]

var pipeline = [{$match:{'imdb.rating':{$gte:7},genres:{$nin:['Crime','Horror']},rated:{$in:['PG','G']},'languages':{$all:['English','Japanese']}}}]

I hope the above two queries are similar but result is different can someone help me understand why?

In one case you are using genre while in the other you are using genres.

Thank a lot for pointing out the difference @steevej-1495. :smile: