Lab - Logging to a Different Facility problem

Hi everyone, I just starting the lab, I’d made all the changes in the configuration file, and changing and reviewing that the systemlog path were correctly.
Once the configuration file are ok, I’ll execute the validation script, but the response of the script are this:

You need to send your log files to /var/mongodb/db/mongod.log.

I reviewed several times the systemLog configuration on the configuration file, but it’s still happened.
What would it be? Thanks so much.

It would help to see the contents of the systemLog section of your config file. Also, try adding these two lines in that section:

destination: “file”
logAppend: true

Thanks Arturo for your answer. I had that two lines you said on my code. I could solve the problem which was a mongod server was running on port 27000 with my last config file. I shut down the server and then I run it again with my new config file and that´s all.