Lab: Logging to a Different Facility [FAIL] "Mongod was started with the new logpath"

Hi, I completed the mongod.conf file, but I have an error when running the test that makes me confusing becaue the path is already precised in the config file.
Thanks for your help,

Hello Farouk_BERROUBA,

Thanks so much for the note. There was an issue with this problem, but it should be fixed now.

I hope you’re enjoying the course! Please continue to post in the forum if you have any other issues.


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Hi Matt,

It works now !

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


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Is this issue resolved still face the same error can you help me.

This issue is yours to resolve and as the error message indicate

Did you launch mongod with the logpath …?

HI @nakeeran_Saravanan,

Did you run the mongod instance before clicking on RUN TEST ?

~ Shubham

yes thanks it worked

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