Lab - Logging to a Different Facility --Error

I tried validating the lab and it says, “You need to set logAppend to true.”

I checked the /etc/mongod.conf file and logAppend is set to true.

What else could be the problem?

@trungEdm Double check how you’re launching the mongod instance and how it would interpret configuration options on the CLI vs in a config file, etc…


English please? :slight_smile: I did everything according to the instructions.

@trungEdm I would reread the lab instructions and then review how you’re launching the mongod instance in your example here and how that mongod instance is getting its configuration options, etc… (i.e CLI vs Config file)

Thanks, Mike. I’ll do the remaining labs and come back to this one.

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Try to simplify your config file and I suggest you use your shared folder and activate the file with the correct directory in your -f option. Eg mongod -f …/…/shared/config3.conf.
You can open the config files from your host, using your preferred editor this way. You can also test your yaml in an online yaml validator, if you choose, although the last one I used passed my operationProfilig.slowOPThreshold with the uppercase P in OP. I needed to change it before Mongod accepted it. Just to be aware.

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@trungEdm, @Mike_67094 is trying to be helpfull by giving you a hint at why it does not work. Yes logAppend is set correctly in the config file. I will give you another hint by asking you a question. How does mongod know which config file to use?

Steevej, I’m thinking put “–fork” in the mongod.conf file and

$ mongod --config /etc/mongod.conf

You want to put --fork in your config file, do not ask my, try it your are in a VM you do not risk anything. But first consult

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On a side note, if logAppend should be set to true, then it should be mentioned in the lab, since as far as the online documentation for systemLog.path, there is no mention on logAppend.

I know the validate picks it up, but nether the less it would be nice, to be able to get it right first time.