Lab: Logging to a Different Facility - Connection refused

Hi! Can you please help me with this error?

Most likely, you did not start mongod.

Have started it with mongod --config mongod.conf

If you are not able to connect then it is not running.

Post screenshot of the command

ps -aef | grep [m]ongod

Post screenshot of starting mongod.

If your configuration file specify port 27000 the command

will not work as no mongod will be listening at port 27017.

First start mongod : mongod --config mongod.conf

Try to connect using mongo shell using this command : mongo --host

I added a new answer.

I don’t really get! This lab is really confusing . Here is a new error

Can you please help me?

Your dbpath is not correct
You cannot have a file as dbpath
Same value used for both dbpath and logpath
For YAML error indentation is important in YAML file
Are you using tabs to create space?
Please use space bar
Remove those two lines under systemlog and retype with proper format

Hello can someone help me please. I do need inititiating a mongod process at the IDE. The below command is not working:

mongod --port 2700

Show us the screenshot how you ran the command
Your port should be 27000
Are you running it in the correct area of IDE
Make sure to enter after typing or pasting the command

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Thanks for the reply. Attached the screenshot and output after running the command : mongod --port 27000.


As mentioned:

And like any terminal, command line tool and shell, you must type the [ENTER] key to signal that you have finished entering the command.

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Hi @Ndeh_Viban,

I hope your doubts are clear now and you were able to complete the lab.

Let us know if you are still facing any issues.

~ Shubham