Lab: Importing dataset

My code:
mongo --port 27000 --authenticationDatabase “admin” -u “m103-application-user” -p “m103-application-pass”

mongoimport --port 27000 --authenticationDatabase “admin” -u “m103-application-user” -p “m103-application-pass” --db applicationData --collection products --file /dataset/products.json

I get error:

E QUERY [js] SyntaxError: missing ; before statement @(shell):1:14

What am I doing wrong?

Please show the screenshot
You may be at mongo prompt.Exit and run the mongoimport at os prompt or it could be the quotes issue
Use straight quotes

The mongoimport command needs to be entered at the terminal window without starting the mongo shell.

Get the import command and type it in the terminal and it should work.